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Summer Camp

During the fall and winter, your children pop off to school, and you can comfortably go to work in the meantime. But during the summer, you have your kids all day long. And while you may feel grateful for the time you have with them, you also have your work responsibilities to worry about.

Ensure your children get the summer of a lifetime by signing them up for the summer camp program at Advantage Learning Center. Our camp takes children in Denver, CO on a series of exciting adventures that’ll help your little ones foster a love for learning.


Discover Our Summer Camp Experience

We accept kids between the ages of five and seven at our camp. We take these kids on at least three fieldtrips every week over the summer to locations such as:

  • Historical sites

  • Museums and galleries

  • Theaters and other performing arts centers

  • Recreation centers, including swimming pools

  • Mountains and other outdoor hiking areas

  • Zoos


Our roomy bus comes with built-in child safety seats, so you don’t have to worry about your kids staying secure when they travel with us.


In addition to fieldtrips, we also do various activities at our location in Lakewood, CO. These activities consist of reading countless books, making art, cooking, and exploring other fun skills. We guide these activities in a less formal setting than regular school, but your kids will still have a constructive and enjoyable experience.


Call Us With Any Questions


Would you like to learn more about field trips? Do you have questions about our Lakewood, CO facility? We’ll happily answer any of your questions about our summer camp program. Call us at (303) 914-5482 to learn more. We also invite you to take a virtual tour of our school if you’d like a quick look of our campus.

We Serve

Jefferson County and Denver County including Lakewood and Denver, CO.

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