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Once your child reaches his/her toddler years, he or she hits a vital period of mental, emotional, and physical growth. At Advantage Learning Center, we help your child excel during these years through our toddler program, which is specifically designed to help children like yours grow.


Learning and Growing in the Denver and Lakewood, CO Area


The lessons children learn in their toddler years play fundamental roles in their growth later in life. At Advantage Learning Center, we focus on the learning areas that will most benefit them in the future.


Exploration, Observation, and Play


Toddlers learn best through exploring their surroundings, observing people around them, and playing. We ensure every child has the opportunity to use their imaginations, work in small groups with their peers, and play individually.

Gross-Motor and Fine-Motor Skills


Our outdoor playground area provides our students with the opportunity to enjoy the outdoors under supervision as well as improve their developing gross-motor skills. We also provide opportunities for toddlers to improve their motor skills indoors. Through a variety of activities, we help your toddlers become more comfortable with hand and finger movements.




Our program has a large collection of books available to all students, including toddlers. Teachers spend time each day reading, talking, and singing with each child individually and in small groups. Toddlers’ command of language is exploding at this stage. Teachers help toddlers acheive complex, expressive language.


Science and Math


Toddlers are little scientists; observing, exploring, and categorizing the world around them. Our teachers take advantage of toddlers’ natural inquisitiveness to help lay the foundation for critical science and math skills through an abundance of materials and experiences.



We recognize that not every child develops at the same pace or in the same way. That’s why we provide plenty of opportunities for our toddlers to work one-on-one with teachers who know them individually and can address their unique needs.


Parent Communication


Parent-teacher communication ensures continuity between the learning center and the home. We communicate electronically with parents daily, in real time.


Developing and Discovering at Advantage Learning Center


At Advantage Learning Center, we address many of the above learning areas through classic toddler activities your child will love. We spend classroom time on books, songs, interactive games, and finger plays. Many of these activities integrate a variety of learning opportunities that help with your child’s overall development.


Call us now at (303) 914-5482 to see how your child can benefit from our programs. We’re also available for questions through our contact form.

We Serve

Jefferson County and Denver County including Lakewood and Denver, CO.

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